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Hereby some information towards our next skipper licence class.


A person needs to have spent 25 hours on a boat or Jet Ski as a skipper, crew member or as a passenger before he / she is allowed to do the examination.

If a person wants an Inland Waters licence then their hours need to have been on a boat or jet ski on any inland waters or at sea.

If a person wants a 1 Nautical Mile offshore licence then their hours need to have been on a boat or Jet Ski at sea.

If a person wants a 15 Nautical Mile offshore licence then their hours need to have been on a 5 or 15 or 40 N/Mile rated vessel at sea.

The hours can all be on 1 power driven boat or Jet Ski or on a variety as a skipper, as a crewmember or as a passenger in the last 10 years on South African registered boats.


Our classroom is situated at Anchor Boat Shop; 55 Section Street in Paarden Eiland. The class starts at 09:00 am and runs till about 13:00 for Cat E & R and till 14:30 for Cat C people. Please try and be at the venue 10-15 minutes prior to lecture


Our Exam room is situated on the corner of Marine and Container road in Paarden Eiland and has the name NAUTIC on the building. The exams are done in the very big blue building on the corner where you enter into the harbour from Marine Road coming from the Paarden Eiland side. Drive through the security point then first road right then T junction right again and then its straight towards the Nautic shipyard gates (see attachment for directions). The exam starts at 09:00 am. Please try and be at the venue 10-15 minutes prior to exam.


4 X Colour ID or Passport size small photographs.

2 X Certified colour standard size clear copies of your ID. (Certified and dated on the front)

1 X Annexure 16 Form (hours spent on the water) See Example

1 X Annexure 17 Form (Doctors assessment with Eyesight test and doctor stamp on both pages)

1 X Copy of the skipper licence of the person who signs off your hours if you follow the 25 hours sea time option.

The Annex 16 form has to be completed in a very specific way; this will be explained in detail on the day when we meet for the class.

NONE of the above list of photos or copy of ID or completed papers needs to be handed in on the day of the CLASS; it is only needed on the day of the EXAM.

The Inland Waters, 1 Nautical Mile or 15 Nautical Mile people only do one class and one exam.

As per legislation in SA the class and the exam may not be done on the same day.

Classes and exam sittings are done depending on demand about every 2nd to 3rd week; all of the above will be explained on the day of the class.

Please be advised that as per legislation we are NOT allowed to let you write the exam without all of the above paperwork and photos.

The course has to be completed within 3 months of doing Lecture.


Inland Waters - dams, rivers, lagoons, harbours and estuaries.

Ø R2600 per person (Cat R)

Inland Waters and 1 Nautical Mile From Shore Ø R2600 per person (Cat E)

Inland Waters and 15 Nautical Mile From Shore Ø R2900 per person (Cat C)

Private Lectures: additional R900.00 p/p

Private exam sittings: additional R350.00 p/p

The above is the full price for the complete course and already includes the SAMSA fee, registration fee, class, books, lecturer, exam, examiner, exam venue, practical and the use of our boat for the practical.

Full payment expected before attending course.

Banking Details

Bank Name: Standard Bank

Account Name: Nautic South Africa (Pty)Ltd

Account No: 070427275

Branch: Thibault Square

Branch Code: 051001

Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ


Please use the word SKIPPER plus your first NAME AND SURNAME only for our banking reference so that we can link your EFT payment to your application please.

Once the EFT has been done, please forward Proof of Payment to Anthea via email:

We do special additional on the water training for individual people or for groups involved in sport and recreation boating.

We build and service boats and ships and also specialize in training military's, police, special forces, diving, navies and personnel from the anti-piracy and oil and gas industries.

The class, exam and practical is only done once, and the (SAMSA) skipper certificate is valid for life.

Exams to be completed within 3 months of doing lecture.

The course is not difficult, we are often told that the course is informative and interesting and you may ask any of your general boating questions as we proceed.

All you will need on the day of the class is a pen and a blank Annex 16 form (Please see the 2 attachments).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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