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IAN- 083 310 0802


Appointed to do the Surveys for SAMSA up to 9m for Sport and Recreation but not Commercial Vessels.

Onsite Survey service at additional fee. If the Survey is done at his / her house or a pre determined location, fee will depend on the distance travelled and time of the Survey.

The owner need to SMS the location / address.

 Basic safety equipment will be check - especially the flares and fire extinguisher and expiery dates.

If needed, you can purchase safety equipment if arranged prior to inspection to will ensure the required safety equipment is presented for inspection on the day of the Survey.

Based on the SMS Survey date and time will be booked, confirming the location and an approximate time. (Usually on a Wednesday or Thursday)

The SMS  will confirm the approximate total amount due based on the following factors:

        a) Site convenience fee

        b) Survey fee

        c) The safety equipment cost as advised

        d) There may be an small extra amount due as a result of potentials other deficiencies I find on the day

On the appointed day and about an hour before Estimated Time of Arrival SMS will confirm with the Applicant confirming confirm you are ready with the required amount of money on hand.

The Survey fee is Legislated at present as follows: R 435 for vessels under 6m in length and R 680 for vessels 6m and over in length.

Service is COD so settlement is to be made on completion of the Survey and supply of the safety equipment.


If the vessel has an original manufacturer’s buoyancy certificate the vessel’s buoyancy is to be checked after 5 years from date of issue – for a Jet ski this is easy as one can determine the condition of the factory installed buoyancy medium easily…

The buoyancy has to be checked every 5 years – either by visual inspection or by weighing the vessel and comparing the original specified weight with the weight on the scale 5 years later.

A new buoyancy certificate can then be issued depending on the requirements – there is a cost depending on the length.

The new buoyancy certificate is then valid for a 5 year period.


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